A New Record Achieved By Ford U.S. EV Sales In Q4, December

Ford, Data of Q4 sales of electric vehicles has revealed that, In December Ford and Lincoln sold 192,343 total vehicles

Surbhi Jain Surbhi Jain

Ford’s Develop 800V Fast Charging System For Next-Gen EV

A new patent filed by Fords for a “Multi-Voltage Electrical Architectures For Electrified Vehicles” reveals that the company is going

Surbhi Jain Surbhi Jain

Are You Looking For New Ford – So Don’t Worry Ford Will Unveil its Puma Gen-E Later This Year

On the occasion of the New Puma launch, Ford said that the all-electric Gen-E model will come into market later

Surbhi Jain Surbhi Jain
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